By Sergiy Chernyshov
Translated from Russian View original

ENEBRA project: the development plan and the implementation phases

The preparatory phase (1-2 years)

Information section

For maximal involve people around the world website should be a symbiosis of information portal and social network. Inform people with the following:

  •     A comprehensive understanding of the problems taking place in the modern world and human society
  •     Already existing technical solutions, which serve as a basis for the project;
  •     The main idea of the project;
  •     Website should motivate people to register and take an active part in the community project development;
  •     While project development help every person to define his place in the project for the best involving efficiency, to escape from criticism towards reasonable proposals for a comprehensive revision of the concept, to neglect he principle of the crowd, to identify the most important and prior areas for the project development;
  •     Bring the intellectual, material and financial resources to promote the project;
  •     The site should be the first prototype of the Enebra system in order to identify and find solutions for the observed
  •     Content translation to different languages
  •     User registration form improvement taking into account countries specifics: make possible and accessable registration for orphans, elderly, people in penitentiary institutions, with disabilities or with no documents. Make useless fake registration of non-existent people and consider a mechanism to identify bots;
  •     Phased plan improvement and considering phases of it's implementation;
  •     Website improvement and establishing extended technical requirements;
  •     Searching and implementation of the most effective approaches of people informing and motivating, taking into account specific features, culture and technical capabilities of different countries;

Financial section

  •     The Foundation must have representatives in the maximum possible amount of countries in the world;
  •     Everyone should have easy access in real time i order to obtain full information about the funds balance, depositors and their contributions, the ability to control the balance between received and spent funds;
  •     The fund resources distribution will be provided equaly by all project participants, taking into account overall approved budget and project development plan based on open voting;
  •     Fund resources should be spent only after open tenders (tenders and the voting mechanism is detailed discussed in the project description section in "Technologies, Engineering and Production");
  •     Example:

Nowadays there are technologies available only for rich people for example cancer treatment provided in Israel, there being treated almost all cancer stages, but cheapest operation costs approximately 350 thousands euros. The technology itself belongs clinic owners and of course it does not shared around the world. Access to this technology is only available for very rich people. But together project participants using fund resources could afford such technology and patent rights then share with all participants of project Enebra. With this approach, any doctor in the world will be able completely free use this technology. It is only a particular example with cancer. I think that with such approach and the transparency of the Enebra Foundation all participants can benefit from it.

The promote the project phase (5-10 years)
The main phase

Information section

The human self-reflection and improvement phase