By Sergiy Chernyshov
Translated from Russian View original

  Every living system on our beloved planet is an eloquent expression of the universe's astonishing ability to come into perfect balance. And then, to do what life is meant to do. To thrive. Thriving is the natural flow of life.


Foster Gamble



    The birth of a human being on this Earth is a true miracle, bestowed by nature and located far beyond our understanding. At the time of his birth the first cry of a human being informs the whole world that he had come to this Earth and our land is ready for his appearance. Everything he needs is prepared for him: the air – to breathe, the breast milk and warmth – to eat and grow, the incredible beauty and variety of nature - to be developed and enjoyed, a crystal clear water – to drink. At the time of his birth, nature did not prepare his race, public or religious affiliation, social or political status, nature did not specify that he would be a slave or rule the world, all this and much more, mindfully, people made up for him. Nature so energized this little miracle with its positive energy, that being exhausted after birth, on having cuddled him, his mother feels so powerful rush of love and kindness, in the light of which, all the pain she's suffered, becomes just the flour dust.

    Nature freely awarded a newborn with his own uniqueness, which lies not only in the fingerprints, appearance, retina or DNA structure - it gave him a completely unique gift to think, feel, see and feel the world, thereby, complementing another drop that produces perfect balance. It suggested that the birth of this child creates a clear balance between the amount of resources on our planet and the number of people. The ecosystem of the land awarded a baby with 7 billionth part of its resources, which includes not only water and air, but also the iron ore, gold, oil and natural gas, granite, diamonds, forests, fields and deserts. Although, in contrast to the natural, the human system immediately withdrew from him all these gifts and gave them to the state, being somehow sure that nature has made a big mistake and the baby will not be able to dispose these gifts properly and that the use of these gifts will lead to the inevitable catastrophe. And as soon as the happy parents registered their child in the public authorities, thus, they declared him a citizen of his country. State care, compensating retrieved nature gifts, bestowed this little happy being, who has not yet had time to take the first step on this land, with the proportional part of its foreign debt. After all, today every country in the world has an external debt, for which every citizen of this country bears the responsibility. It is easy to calculate by dividing the amount of external debt on the citizens of this country. Every newborn American today has a debt in the amount of $ 62 398, Ukrainian - $ 4 609, Saud - $ 708, Japanese - $ 98 025 etc. 

    Nature constantly shows people its genius and balance for all of us. After all, history did not register any fact of birth of a person with supernatural powers in all directions, the person, who would be able to combine the eyes of Aristotle – who did not need a flight into space to see that the Earth is round, have the fingers of Ludwig van Beethoven, who created the lunar sonata, being completely deaf, the voice of Luciano Pavarotti, the brain of Leonardo Da Vinci, the ability to providence of Vanga, the mime of Charles Chaplin.

    In order to imagine the natural system, I took its creation - a unique self-regulating human body. The body and all the organs of a human being are composed of cells. In humans, there are no same cells, as in human society, there is no same person. I imagined the human body is composed not of the cell, but every organism living on the Earth. Every day in the human body a huge number of cells dies and being born, this process can be associated with the birth and death of all living beings on our planet. At the birth of new cells, it is already prepared place and breeding ground for them, they are not nourished by the neighboring cells, and for it has all the conditions for life and development. Each cell is born with its mission and the quality of its development influences on the quality of the whole organism.

    But in spite of these obvious facts, the humanity continues to live on the principle of divide and rule, using a centralized management system. This centralized system gives superpower to a very small group of people, deciding who will live and who will not, who will live in fear and suffer from the fact that he has something to lose, and who by the fact that has nothing to eat. 

    Fundamentals of the above-described perfectly revealed in the movie “Zeitgeist” by Peter Joseph, “Thrive” by Foster and Kimberly Carter Gamble, books and performances of David Icke, in the movie “The 11th Hour” by Leila Conners Petersen with Leonardo DiCaprio, but in spite of the completeness and the genius of these creations, they are fully complemented by the movies “HOME” and “Planet-ocean” by the world-renowned wildlife photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand, which shows that we are doing with our planet, the documentary “Earthlings” by Shaun Monson, demonstrating our truly brutal treatment of animals, living on our planet, and supplementing his movie with “Cowspiracy: the Sustainability Secret” by Kip Andersen, which talks about the impact of industrial livestock production on the ecology of the planet, a feature movie “On the beach” by the Australian director Russell Mulcahy that opened the eyes of millions of people on the real danger of nuclear war, the movie “The Light Bulb Conspiracy ” by Cosima Dannoritzer about planned obsolescence.

    Each of us can extend the list of problems and possible solutions shown in these movies, which once again confirm that every inhabitant of our human community sees, understands and perceives the world differently, and only if we collect together the knowledge and understanding of all people to create and not to destruct, we can achieve the harmony, which is inherent in us by nature. 

    The Enebra project was appeared due to the fact that not one of the existing economic systems: capitalism, socialism ..., forms of government: democracy, monarchy ... religions: Orthodox Christianity, Judaism ... were able to overcome hunger, corruption, disease, stop bloody wars, etc. Not in one project could I find a specific and logical answer, when I studied modern projects on how to stop the current destructive processes, to how specifically and in what sequence it should be done to reverse the current situation and lead humanity to prosperity, which so much talked about. I really like the movement of “Zeitgeist”, the “Venus” project and “Thrive”, but I do not agree with the authors on the methods of implementation of these projects. I consider it absolutely foolish, being fully aware of the processes and expect a total awakening of people or collapse, while humanity is at the crossing point of no return.

    The Enebra project itself is just a technical tool in the smooth and painless transition of mankind to a decentralized control system in a resource-based economy, capable of giving every person on Earth an opportunity to realize his own potential, inherent in his very nature, without collapses and revolutions, which only provoke misery, hunger and devastation. One of the strategic objectives of the Enebra project is to enable everyone on the planet to reach the top of Maslow's pyramid of “implementation of his goals and abilities, develop his own personality”. Most people on the planet are stuck at the lower levels of the pyramid, reaching only physical needs, and dreaming of possibility to eat and to feed their children, buy a TV and a satellite farm, and up to this day enduring hateful, slave, not effective work that helps them to survive, rather than having the things, which they dream about, for realization of which, they came into this world. In my opinion the very inability to realize personal potential is the root of such problems as depression, alcoholism and drug addiction. After all, if everyone is able to build and create something for which he was born, his work will in tens of times more effectively reduce stress and self-esteem will rise because of his ability to improve this world and the lives of people. The purpose of the Enebra project is to make innovations in our lives as quickly as possible, the reality of which is partially demonstrated in the Venus project by an outstanding social engineer Jacque Fresco, in the movies “PROJECTED FUTURE”, and “Our technological reality” by Peter Joseph. The Enebra project absorbed already running, a modified technical solutions, combined in a unique way without breaking intellectual property rights. 

Existing technologies

    Described in this chapter, the technology does not in any way involved in the Enebra project so that they’re disclosed to a better understanding of the work of the project and provide the closest analogy. In the Enebra project there’s not used crypto currency!!!

    In 2008, an unknown person or a group of people under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakomoto gave the world a decentralized crypto currency called Bitcoin (May 02, 2016 Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright has identified himself as Satoshi Nakamato, the pseudonymous creator of the digital currency Bitcoin.). The genius of this product was the fact that every member of a peer-to-peer network of equal users of Bitcoin holds information on all the transactions, ranging from the very first made in 2010 to the present day. All these transactions are recorded and stored in the blocks, and the blocks are arranged in a serial chain “blockchain”, the order of which cannot be changed due to the use of special hash functions. Each user of the Bitcoin system stores a complete copy of blockchain on his device, which makes it completely equal among all network participants. Today, there are 604 active crypto currencies created on the principle of similarity to Bitcoin, which once again proves the viability of the system. In five years of practical work of Bitcoin there became clear its advantages and drawbacks. 

Such factors relate to the advantages:

  1.      Decentralization - the absence of the administrator and the management server;
  2.      Blockchain - robust cryptographic protection and integrity of the chain of sequence information;
  3.      Open source - open source code;
  4.      The absence of the banking system and intermediaries in the chain of buyer - seller;
  5.      Peer-to-peer - a data protocol from the user to the user without going through the server, the system of equal peer users.

The drawbacks:

  1.      Mining (mining of Bitcoin) - requires a large amount of computing resources and consequently waste large amounts of electricity;
  2.      The possibility of loss of Bitcoin as for the personal funds and as a part of the entire Bitcoin economy;
  3.      The imaginary complete anonymity favors the development of shadow and criminal transactions from the sale of drugs, weapons, assassinations, etc.;
  4.      The need for the physical presence of a network party as a guarantor, who must be trusted by all the participants in the transaction;
  5.      The impossibility of determining the amount of lost funds;
  6.      Exchange to fiat money in the central financial institutions (stock exchanges, banks, etc.) requires foreign exchange regulation, thereby, nullifying the benefits of fiat money;
  7.      A clear algorithmically-written cryptocurrency is not related to the need and the number of participants in the system.

  The next major step of crypto currency is the “Ethereum” project created by Vitaliy Buterin. The project made it possible to conduct transactions between complete strangers to include “smart contract” application, thus, correcting the fourth drawback – “The need for the presence of a physical network party as a guarantor, who must be trusted by all participants in the transaction”, associated with the use of guarantees in the Bitcoin network. The “Ethereum” also makes it possible today to provide notary services, marriage registration, etc. through the use of a “blockchain”. Although, still having all of the major disadvantages of the Bitcoin crypto currency. 

The new decentralized management system of humanity in a resource-based economy


Resource equivalent is a new means of payment between people.

 Currently, fiat money and crypto currencies are unsubstantiated and have no value.
In contrast, the accounting unit of enebra is not a currency, but a resource equivalent calculated by Oksana Zhumik by the following formula:

Oksana Zhumik
formula author

The Enebra calculation formula:


  • n
    — This a number of generation in present moment of time;
  • E(i)(tn)
      component of the resource equivalent at a time tn ;
  • Be(tn)
    — The number of participant people in the ENEBRA project at the time tn ;
  • B(tn)
    — Total population of the Earth at time tn ;
  • Z(i)(tn-1)
    — The total amount of the Earth i resource including renewable resource at the previous time moment  tn-1 ;
  • Z1(i)(tn)
     i  type resource amount which was used during of time period [tn-1; tn;
  • Z2(i)(tn)
     i  type natural resource amount which was produced during of time [tn-1; tn;
  • L
    — The average duration of human life in minutes L=67*365*24*60 ;
  • T
    — Time interval for emission of enebra at minutes = 10 minutes;
  • L/T
    — The average number of enebras given to one person throughout life;
  • K(tn-1)
    — Enebra total amount which was in turnover in previous time period tn-1 ;
  • D(tn)
    — Total enebra amount are on accounts of dead participants at the time period [tn-1; tn;
B(tn)D(tn)  — Total enebra amount are incurrent emission tn ;

K(tn) = K(tn-1) + (B(tn)D(tn))  — The number of enebras that are in circulation at the time tn ;

E(tn) = [E(1)(tn); E(2)(tn); ...; E(k)(tn)]  — Vector of resource equivalents are in current time tn ; where  amount of mane resources type.

E(tn) = Σki=1 E(i)(tn)  — Global resource equivalent amount is in current time tn ;

 At its core, the enebra resource equivalent is not just a unit of exchange, for which you can buy a product, service, invest or give to charity, but it is a kind of a litmus test, or in financial terms, the complex index (like the Dow Jones, not the financial or social, but the resource one), clearly showing the number and rates of resources consumption, reduction or decrease in flora and fauna, able to respond quickly to any changes, occurring in the ecosystem of the planet Earth and clearly indicating the source of the problem. Inflation or deflation of enebra helps every person on Earth feel his share of responsibility for our planet before other people and future generations to the natural end of life of the planet itself. According to the scientists, it is estimated as 2.5 billion years.

Enebra cannot be given to debt, be gifted to anyone and be inherited by the descendants.
 This nuance may cause you conflicting feelings and misunderstandings, but they are scattered, when you finish reading the project, I am only to say that you can bequeath any available property. The project is based on the idea that the natural resources of the Earth cannot be someone else's property - they belong to every people living at the moment and the resource is the equivalent of the Earth's natural resources. In addition, everyone is guaranteed to get his share of resource equivalents in the process of life from the moment of birth until death.

 A born child will not live at the expense of his parents, as well as in the human body new cells do not live at the expense of neighboring ones. After the death of a human being all his available equivalents be returned to a share “Human being”, which will be described in detail below, thus, reducing enebra release and, as a result, not causing possible additional release of enebra algorithmically in the future. This feature of Enebra allows solving the 7th disadvantage of Bitcoin crypto currency – “A clear, algorithmically-written, crypto currency is not related to the need and the number of participants in the system”

Eduard Moisieiev 
author of idea percentage enebra distribution using 
Fibonacci number(Golden Ratio)

    To restore the natural justice, Enebra system includes a similar mechanism of social assistance that works today in many developed countries. A distinctive feature of our mechanism is the fact that every N of minutes, the system generates an algorithmically calculated amount of resource equivalent to enebra and proportionally (using the golden ratio, proposed by the financier Eduard Moisieiev ) divides them into 3 main parts:

Every N of minutes 100%

Human being 50% Maintaining System Health 31% Financing global projects 19%

1)    Human being - this is a part of the resource, which is evenly divisible by all the members of the network, every N of minutes comes in the form of an equal share of the personal e-wallet of each participant, regardless of his age. If there is an indivisible balance in the process of division, it is credited to the resource part “Financing global projects”, which will be described below.

2)    Maintaining System Health - this is the work of a decentralized system of vital, working 24 hours servers to verify the transactions and storage of a blockchain. Stability and security of system is directly proportional to the number of working servers. Therefore, this percentage every N of minutes is evenly distributed between the registered users, who have or will acquire, according to technical requirements, server and connect them to the Enebra system. Thus, a person will receive this sum of his shares and that of the share “Human being”. Each person can have only one registered server. Also, in case of the situation with indivisible balance, it will be credited in the proportion of “Financing global projects”

3)    Financing global projects - in contrast to the previous two, this is the part that is not distributed among the members of the network and appears to be accumulative. It is intended to fund projects aimed at improving the quality of life and well-being of all the participants of the Enebra project. The detailed mechanism of this percentage will be discussed below.

Human being Maintaining System Health

 The share distribution system solves the lack of the first Bitcoin

“Mining (mining of Bitcoin) and requires a large amount of computing resources and consequently waste of large amounts of electricity”.

    During the time of the Bitcoin work there were created the so-called pools, which bring together a large number of facilities and network members, in fact, creating a centralized system within a decentralized network for the joint production of crypto currency and then dividing it between all the pool parties, thereby, reducing strongly enough trust and security of the entire network of users.

  The second major drawback of the Bitcoin system, in fact, happens to be fake anonymity. After all, as soon as any member of the system is trying to convert their savings in any fiat currency, he faces either the exchange or the bank or the ATM of Bitcoin, which immediately fixes the owner of the digital wallet. Or once a person buys any product or service, paying with Bitcoin within the system, to get it he has to show a seller or a guarantor his physical details, which, in turn, do not make him anonymous.

    The information about the life of any person is kept by the public authorities on issuance of all documents: birth certificate, passport, driver's license. Information about you and your diseases is stored fragmentally in all medical institutions that you attended. Information about your income and savings stored in the banks, the personnel department and cashiers of your company. You leave your data in the notary's offices, embassies, while obtaining a visa, and if you consider, for example, the US Embassy, then, it involves your biometric data. We use e-mail on the centralized servers, communicate in the centralized social networks, where even if we hide our true name, we openly show all our friends or colleagues, who know almost everything about us. The list could go on for a long time.

    As a result, there is a fair and legitimate question, from whom and why we are so inefficient to hide, and on what we spend the most precious thing a man can have – the time, if not on permanent filling the same personal data in a huge bureaucratic machine.

  The Bitcoin system e-wallet has two digital keys - the public (open), which, in fact, is the address to which the network participant receives crypto currency, and the private, which must be safely hidden from the prying eyes, because only on using it, we can make payment with our e-wallet. Despite the fact that the mathematical and cryptographic functions reliably protect the Bitcoin system, no one can guarantee that your public and private keys will not be stolen from your computer by any intruder over LAN or the Internet, using your operating system vulnerabilities, not to mention the banal physical loss of the device.

  For this reason, the Enebra system private key is replaced by the biometric data of the person, which, in turn, eliminates the possibility of data loss under any circumstances.

  In today's world there is a difficult solvable problem, which is the use of the personal biometric data under outside pressure, or fear of loss of life. Though, the Enebra involves the authenticated users and any transaction can only be made between the users of the network. For this reason, it is quite useless because all transactions are permanently stored in the blocks, the blocks are arranged in a blockchain, the blockchain and copies stored on all the devices of users. This factor greatly reduces the level of crime in the world.

  Unlike existing systems, the Enebra decentralized system retains in the block any data made in a particular format, not only the transfer data of the equivalent resource. This makes it possible to completely get away from the bureaucracy and in the course of life, only to add the acquired personal data to those that have already been entered into the system during registration. In the system, each person decides what data be open for the public use, and which be stored in an encrypted state. A similar system, saving the personal data, has been developed and successfully applied in Lithuania.

  So, as the first approximation, the settlement system of the Enebra project radically changed the Bitcoin system, in which the public key appears to expose personal data (it solves the 3rd disadvantage of the Bitcoin system)

“Imaginary complete anonymity favors the development of shadow and criminal transactions of sale of drugs, weapons, assassinations, and so on”,

and the private key appears to be personal biometric characteristics, with which a human being is born and dies. Hereby, we solve the 2nd and 5th major drawbacks of Bitcoin

“The possibility of loss of the personal funds in Bitcoin as well as the part of the entire Bitcoin economy”, “Impossible to determine the number of lost funds”.

    The possibility of decentralized storage, sample data of the blocks and the use of guarantees in the form of a smart contract is now realized in the “Ethereum” project and may be improved in the nowadays generated project, which is called “Tau-Chain”.

Bitcoin Address (Public Key) 1BA5pD pTEJGz 3w2wsP 2UbSwj nX5RWb sc9P

Bitcoin Signature (Private Key) 5K2bE4 6ymf6P dzLFPL rxwQ3F BWYC9M qzqHtZ 3ZJ1DV AF8UV8 yq9

Enebra Address (Public Key) HASH (Personal data [Name; Date of birth; ..])

Enebra Signature (Private Key) Biometric date (Face; Fingerprint; Iris ...)

Technology, design and production


 In the above-mentioned movie “Thrive” they open very well the hidden methods of restraint of technical and scientific progress, which may prevent large corporations from enrichment. In addition, we can say that the world is now a rapidly developing area as the “startup”. Many young and creative designers spread their technical projects on open areas of the Internet. The most interesting of these projects financially supported by the Internet community and the corporations that are ultimately owned by the large corporations, they get the rights to the project by investing more than 50% funding of the total amount of money, collected by all the other users on the network, or simply stealing the idea and the project and slightly modifying it.

  Moreover, the older generation of developers on creating the project, try to patent their invention and find investors for its implementation. But in the end, they lose it, or fall into the clutches of tenacious “patent trolls”, or receive a minimum fee for many years of work in the form of fiat money that immediately eaten up by inflation.

  • Contracts
  • Tenders
  • Personal data
  • Voting
  • My Projects
  • Paradise
  • Enebra
  • Charity
  • Lawmaking
  • Health care
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Massmedia
  • Art
  • Science
  • My account: 175, 477 125 732
  • All Enebra: 777 340 457 267
  • All people: 7 369 753 891

 In the Enebra project each participant of the network is interested, quite openly and safely, to publish his invention, scientific development, teaching methods or treatment, etc. Since, all the data will be recorded in the newly created unit and the unit will be brought in the blockchain that does not allow the blocks to change the places, so that it would be forever set copyright for a creation, linked with the biometric data of the author.

  Once a project or technology is listed in the blockchain, it becomes available for all participants of the Enebra network. If the status of the project is “completed” , it will be immediately placed in the system for the implementation of the end-users. If the status is “open refinement” so that everyone can take part in its completion and if the revision will improve any aspect of the project, it will be adopted by the participants of the network and this person automatically becomes a co-author of the project. For a better understanding of this mechanism, it is easy to use an example:

 A large part of the movie “Thrive” tells about the discoveries made in the direction of getting free energy and even clearly demonstrates actual working samples in the different laboratories scattered around the world. Let us try to imagine this development by using the Enebra system.

 A scientist, who has created a similar invention, publishes his project, its description and its status. If the status is “open refinement”, time for completion of the present invention is determined according to the rules adopted by the members of the Enebra system in a decentralized network. After the blockchain ever recorded copyright of the scholar as for this development, the project is made available to all the participants in the system. All the project materials are passed through a hash function, yielding a 160-512 bits (Digest) number that is not only protected against changes in this data, but also a kind of inventory number of the project in the database of the entire system. Somewhere at the other end of the Earth, a scientist or a group of scientists, associated in the application of “Contract” in the Enebra system, sees an opportunity to increase the efficiency with little refinement of the invention. A scientist openly puts out its completion and grounding for it in the system, and all his work is entered in a new block, sequentially tacked to the “blockchain”, automatically making him a co-author of the present invention. Another member of the network makes the change in the materials used, which reduces the price, makes this device more secure for people and makes it possible to significantly increase the service life of the device, so far it becomes a co-author of the project. This list can be expanded infinitely. A network participant can joint this project, finalize it with a noise absorbing case or materials and his technology will make its contribution in terms of production technology of the device, and even an artist can create a masterpiece out of this high-tech device and fit it to the unique design of your home. And even if you cannot bring anything into this project, but you are confident in its necessity and irrefutable benefits for other participants in the system, you can support the project by a part of your enebra resource equivalents, thus, becoming a participant of the project. After the period for completion of the project, the Enebra system will automatically make payments of share interests to each participant, who created the project. N% will belong to the creator and the rest will be distributed among all the contributors and adaptors of this project, using internal system applications with open source code, or by means of an open contract between the project participants. Examples of such applications already exist and are active. The example of work of such an application can be found on the website site, which features the application of the “Smart Contract”.

When starts the implementation of the invention, depending on the situation, one of the two possible ways is chosen:

  1)   In the course of finalizing the draft sufficient resource equivalents were collected to build the production cycle of the project.

 In this case, the priority right of production organization belongs to the author of the invention, but in his discretion, he may delegate this right to any network member. Automatically, the system announces a tender for all the items: space, materials, components, facilities, transportation and human resources necessary to build and run the production. I would like to especially draw your attention to one aspect - the person, who took the responsibility for the organization of production, does not have access to the assets in the form of resource equivalents. After all, production of any invention does not need the money, because they cannot create anything. For the production, it is necessary to have facilities, machines, materials, people, etc. in spite of the painted paper or a set of numbers in a computer. This aspect makes it impossible to abuse other people's resources for private purposes, which is very rapidly flourishing in the current system. Everyone in the system can make reservations, if the device, in his opinion, will contribute to the growth of quality of his life. This is the way we stop a huge mechanism in an unlimited number of useless devouring of the natural resources of the Earth - the overproduction!

 After the start of production, serial products are distributed to everyone, who made the order, members of the network at its cost, which is very easy to check. After all, the network processes are completely transparent. Once a person gets this unit, it improves the quality of life, and from that moment it is not necessary to pay for electricity. From that moment the proportion of the above-described “human being” part automatically starts to redistribute 50% of the resource equivalent of 100% released, when using the generator. Imagine that today you are paying 10 cents for 1kw of electricity. When the free energy generator available, you will have to pay only 2 cents to a certain person for the maintenance and replacement of worn parts of your generator. 8 cents states 100% improvement in quality of your life. Therefore, as long as you use this generator, the proportion of the “human being” share will redistribute 50%, which is 4 cents on “free energy” of the project participants, and 4 cents is left to you. Thus, the creators and producers will be maximally motivated to create things with the highest possible quality and for a long period so as the longer the unit works the longer they can get redistributed funds, which, in turn, will put an end to the planned obsolescence that is an integral part of the current economy. In addition, this project is invaluable improvement of the environment, which positively affects the health of each of us. 

 This approach is completely opposite to what exists in today's centralized system, when increasing quality of human life depends on the number of people, who have it worse. If you win in a competitive race and, thereby, improve quality of your life, then, your competitors by spending their time and resources, on the contrary, got it slide. Or if you got a job, and our technical age consistently decreases the number of jobs as the new technologies are constantly displacing people from the market, then, you have selected this option applying for the job, thus, depriving other people of opportunities to earn money for their daily bread. Or you were able to pay your loan to the bank, thereby, depriving other borrowers from the possibility to do so. To understand this you can draw your own 100 monetary units and give a loan to your neighbor, asking him to give it to you in one year with interest, for example 120, as it does today the top of the financial pyramid. Your neighbor will never be able to do so, because you did not draw 20. He will be able to do this only if you draw another 20 units and give them to your other neighbor, and the first will be able to exchange them for any service or product, but even in this case, the second neighbor will always be in debt.

 Imagine the pace and quality of the technical progress, if the scientists and engineers, working in distant laboratories around the world and trying to create the same product in our competitive system, will sit at the same table, open their achievements and together will create something that they hid from each other in the hope of a profitable sale. After all, in the world of scholars such as Jacques Fresco there are more than one thousands of such scientists, so try to imagine what could be done with a thousand of Jacques Fresco with no deterrent, cultural and human ignorance in terms of which, alone, Jacques was able to create a project, which is now admires the whole progressive world. And now imagine that such progress is possible in all areas of human development. I will tell you that it is difficult even for me, the author of Enebra project, to imagine these volumes, capacities and rates of development.

Summarizing all the above, every person, who has managed to create a benefit for another person, a group of people or for all participants in the Enebra system, improves quality of his life by 50%, which is directly proportional to the number of people, receiving benefits from his work and, at this, having improved quality of their lives.

2)     If in the course of the project completion there were not collected in sufficient quantities the resource equivalents for the construction of a closed cycle of production and sale of this product. 

 This, in most cases, refers to the large-scale global projects. One striking example of which is the SkyWay technology that can be found on the website In this case, after the expiry of completion, the project will be put on the vote of the entire network Enebra and if it is accepted by a majority of votes, the resource equivalent to tendering and obtaining the necessary resources is taken from the share “Financing global projects”. Further development of the project is no different from the described procedure of the first embodiment with the only difference that the vote would take place once a week, for all the network members must be able to read in detail all the submitted projects and make conclusion, which of them is a priority. 

 I would like to focus on the Enebra voting system, as it is radically different from the usual voting in our understanding. In the Enebra system people will vote for the parameters and criteria for assessing the hierarchy of innovation, rather than innovation itself. Each participant of the system can offer the test and the method of his evaluation of a particular method, apparatus, law, technology, etc. Thus, the system will automatically check for compliance with quality of innovation and will make a decision based on all the existing evaluation criteria. To understand this, I will use an example. Usually, our choice based on our culture, intuition or some opinion, so that choosing a car, we rarely think about such parameters as the quality of cables and contacts, the chemical composition and the useful area of brake pads, power, lifetime and color range of LEDs mounted in the dashboard, or about an amount of harmful emissions, etc. The main indicators for us become totally irrelevant things, namely, the car brand, additional monitors in the headrests and the overall design. This is due to the fact that in order to evaluate anything we need the knowledge, which is not always enough for an accurate evaluation. This approach will enable people with different cultures, traditions, education level and religious beliefs to work out the right approach to take joint decisions. The selection criterion will be the concrete test scores and performance, rather than empty fiery speech, colorful advertising and authority pressure.

 According to this scheme, technology of cultivation of plants and food production will become open and developed and that will reduce the use of genetically modified food and the use of pesticides, thus, dramatically reducing diseases among people and pollution. The technology for water supply from condensate with changes in the daily temperature or the project of Samuel Kruglyak, which provides both clear energy and clear water. These projects will solve the problem of shortage of drinking water, even in areas of the Earth where there is no open source. The technology of growing organs from pole cells will save thousands of human lives, waiting in line for transplantation, and will grow steaks for lovers of the meat products, while killing no animal. Scientific research for the space program allows obtaining data about the universe, assessing the state of the Earth's surface, glaciers, monitoring deforestation and planting of forests, catching fish, etc. This list of technologies will constantly expand the number of participants, because as I have already described above, every person on this Earth is a genius in something unique and sees the world quite differently. Most of the questions have already been answered, but they are hidden and stated to be the property of the centralized systems.

 The project Enebra is no different from the projects generated within the system. Anyone at any moment can offer his own version: in concern of percentage distribution of shares, optimization of the application codes, the terms and rules of tendering, more user-friendly interface, use of more high-speed data to transfer protocols, and can co-sponsor the project if his idea will be confirmed by tests and supported by the majority of the network participants.

  This project is specifically designed so flexible that allows changing any it’s part up to the concept and name, in order to avoid further stratification of society, in order not to provoke the creation of similar projects, since, we have one Earth, and we can only agree among them and together build the prosperity of which we have dreamed.

 In the movie “Thrive” there disclosed the brutal methods of suppression of technological progress and scientists, working on the technologies that threaten the interests of governments and large corporations. In the Enebra system such persecution becomes completely meaningless, and therefore, inappropriate, as all the information about the technology from the very first moment entered in the blockchain available to all members of the network, and thus, protected in the most reliable way. 

 Nowadays, there is no any perfect protection, which allows for 100% protect your system from hacking or penetration. Hacking on the Internet or on a local network produced by the special services, secret departments of the various states, consisting of ordinary people, who have undergone special training, or the so-called cyber criminals, who are usually called “hackers”. If you remove the mask from a man, then, underneath it, you see a scary man with an ax or a gun. Beneath this mask you find hiding the face of an intellectual, intelligent man. He spent a lot of time on self-study and self-improvement, having thoroughly studied a variety of network protocols and technologies, mastered programming languages and functional works of modern devices and communications. In the world today there is a movement of “Anonymous”, opposing the persecution and surveillance on the Internet, and owing to the efforts and intelligence of these people the Internet is still a free place for communication between millions of ordinary people, and thanks to them that you are reading this project right now.

 In the Enebra system there are a lot of options and potential development for such people. After all, if a person discovered system vulnerability, not noticed by its creator, this person, in fact, made a good thing. Thus, anyone, who has revealed the vulnerability of the project or its individual applications, will automatically become a co-author and starting to get a percentage of the benefits as long as this system is used and popular.

In the technical and historical aspects, the Enebra project block by block will create the most comprehensive encyclopedia of knowledge and technology of all mankind and the owner of which will be each of us.


 This is a very important and interesting part of the project Enebra that has tremendous potential and allows solving almost all the present contradictions in the existing legal systems. Once registered in the Enebra system a person automatically regains the status of a citizen of the land, which has been endowed by nature in the time of his birth. The status of a citizen of a certain land fixed in the valid basic law in the Enebra system - the Constitution of the planet Earth. This is a list of rules that does not cause conflicts and very clear to all the people on Earth, inextricably linked to the laws of nature. The basis of the Constitution includes processed articles from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. All articles of the Constitution may be modified at any time, changed, supplemented or removed by any participant of the Enebra project, if these improvements are justified and accepted by the majority of participants in the system.

At its core, the Enebra project is a state system of the planet Earth, in which the right of control given to each of its citizens on a completely equal footing.

  Any member of the system can at any time initiate any bill aimed at improving the quality of life of any living organism in the ecosystem of our common home called Earth, with obligatory taking into account its positive impact on future generations and having no contradiction with the articles of the Constitution. After publication of the bill, it is added to the blockchain with life preserving copyright of its creator and becomes available for the finalization by all the members of the network, and after the completion of improvements it is put to a popular vote. If adopted by the majority of participants of the system, it acquires the status of the law, and the author and all adaptors of this law are starting to get their part of the remuneration in the form of 50% of the benefit created by them. 

Nine men on the world can destroy your life to any moment!!!
Do you need to weapons of mass destruction?

For a better understanding, here is a specific example. Nowadays, a lot of people, working on the Internet, choose to apply the “Tor” browser, despite of its slow pace and usage of the “DuckDuckGo” search engine system,

 which leaves no search tracks, but has a very limited capacity, aiming to hide their personal information from the ubiquitous US national security agency (NSA). This agency grossly violates the rights and freedoms set forth in the article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was signed, along with other countries, by the US government. It turns out the US government spends billions of dollars of the taxpayers' money on something from which they try to hide themselves, so it is an absolutely destructive process. If in the Enebra system there will be passed a law, prohibiting conduct of such activities and it will be supported by the majority of people in their countries, who every day pay taxes for the content of such organizations, then, without any kind of confrontations and protests, the government will be forced to stop the activities of such organizations. This, in turn, will free huge scientific resource, which is now occupied by the destructive processes, and direct it to improve the quality of life of all people on Earth.

 In addition to the human and scientific resources, it will stop a destructive waste of natural resources and give the opportunity for people not to waste their energy and time to protest. In the event of a failure of governments to accept these norms, emanating from the majority of citizens of this country, there is a fair question of whose interests are protected by such governments. And even in this case, it is not necessary to have revolution protests. After all, the vast majority of countries in the world today have democratic elections to elect the people – the citizens of this country, who have proved in practice and not in words their competence, - to create real bills in the Enebra system, support of which can be conducted not only by the citizens of a particular country, but also by people all over the world.

 If necessary, a temporary party can be created in the transitional period of Enebra and in the various countries the party will consist of only the people, who are involved in writing laws in the Enebra system approved by the majority of the members of the entire system. The main purpose of this temporary implementation of the party will be the same legislation approved by the majority of the Enebra system participants in all countries of the world, and after the vast majority of countries adopt these laws, the party will cease to exist.

This radically changes the outlook of people, allowing them to manage their reality as opposed to being created by a handful of people, who today really controls the mankind

 Lawmaking in the Enebra system is a resource with enormous potential. When using it, you can stop the barbaric destruction of natural resources, the destruction of animals, pollution of nature, to forever stop the bloodshed and war, religious conflicts, production and maintenance of weapons of mass destruction, to open an enormous amount of information held today as “secretly classified” for every person on the planet. Thus, it will cause by hundreds of times increasing the efficiency of technical progress, the preservation of natural resources and preservation from extinction millions of species of living organisms in our common home, a planet called the Earth. 

Delegation of voting rights

  The Enebra system allows everyone, regardless of age or location, to engage in any activity that a person has chosen for himself/herself. A personality always has open all the activities that exist in human society. Though, as it has been described, each of us is unique and ingenious in any one or more directions, and for this reason, a person, who loves and understands agriculture, may find it difficult, and therefore, inefficient to understand the device of a satellite phone, and a creative person, who knows how to create a great design, would experience difficulty to describe the legalese of any article or norm of the law. Nevertheless, how harmoniously and comprehensively developed would be the personality, it would be very difficult to penetrate deeply and cover all processes of technological and humanitarian development of our society. For this reason, the Enebra system provides a mechanism that allows each person to engage in only those activities, in which he/she likes to reveal his/her talent. The Enebra project provides such an opportunity in the most honest way, giving the ability to delegate the creation of solutions in other areas of activity to the other members of the system, causing trust and support of a certain person by delegating his vote. Though, the right and the duty of acceptance (ratification) of these solutions still belong to this person.

 This principle reveals, in my opinion, creative freedom of a person, who delegated his vote and a delegate, who received a vote of confidence. This preserves the mutual responsibility between each of them and to the other participants in the system for each specific solution. And this responsibility is not some ephemeral one, as in the existing system, but very specific, as the system allows to monitor the real-time impact of this decision on improvement or deterioration in the quality of social life. At any time, any participant of the system has the right to withdraw the delegated vote and either start making independent decisions in this field, or delegate it to another participant, whose views are more in line with the opinion of the delegator. And as mentioned above, he shall be responsible for adoption (ratification) of each solution. 


 Justice is one of the old phenomena of the current management system. It is based on legislation, lobbied by the overriding and powerful clans. Each judge has the opportunity to use the gaps and contradictions in the legislation of any country. That, in turn, gives rise to the possibility of corruption, bribery and pressure on judges by the reigning structures. Besides, justice processing sometimes delayed for years, dragging behind a huge loss of money and time.

 If we carefully examine any well-written law, we can see that this document is very logical, describes a certain sequence of actions upon the occurrence of certain conditions. And since, this is pure logic that it can be fixed in the code. As in case of writing any software, a programmer before doing it declares variables, so that in the legislation there is a clear definition of the terms. As within the program there is a constant reference to the various units and functions of the program, depending on the data received by it, so that in the legislation, the laws intertwined in the legislative system, have a clear structure, hierarchy and a clear sequence of the decision (at least, as it was created and should ideally work). Summarizing the above, any well-written law can be very simply described in the text software, for this reason, you can remove the human factor from the justice system, replacing it with a completely impartial and incorruptible programming code. 

Mass media

    Today one of the main shapers of public opinion happens to be the mass media, mostly TV. This centralized system media contains the money of the elite groups and the ruling structures, mainly engaged in disinformation of the population in the interests of their owners. Thanks to the media now every man of the Arab appearance is perceived as a terrorist. According to statistics, our children have time to absorb 4000 hours of useless advertising before their first grade. On the TV screens there is propaganda of violence and drugs, forming minds of our children and justifying an increase in the number of the law enforcement agencies, whose main task is to protect the powers of the others. Herein, endless advertising of harmful food products by the pharmaceutical companies only exacerbates the mass diseases of mankind. 

 In the Enebra system incorporated all the possibilities for implementation and development of the creative potential of any participant. Anyone can write an article to capture his story, comment on, and in a special format to keep it in the generated block, thereby, securing his copyright and ensuring the integrity of this information with his biometric data, rather than the name of the broadcast channel. It is the other person, who can collect all the videos into a single block and become a co-author with the authors and with the other people, who also become co-authors of transferring this information into other languages and make it available for understanding of those, living in other parts of our planet. The more people view and confirm the data material the higher will be the ranking of the news, and thus, per every view the Enebra system redistribute part of enebra in the resource or to the authors of this news.

    All these data will remain in the blockchain, thus, the data chain will forever remain a clear sequence of events for the next generation, excluding in the future the possibility of changing history and the distortion of historical facts



 During life nearly everyone is forced to attend the medical institution. The lives of most people on the planet begin in the presence of a doctor and the doctor states the death, when it is the time. Nowadays, income of a physician is not dependent on the quality of treatment carried out by him, it is directly proportional to the number of people, who applied to him, the number of drugs prescription and the number of procedures carried out, paid and strictly controlled by the centralized systems. In the movie “Thrive” they open the reasons and all the destructiveness of the situation, prevailing in the health system.

 In the Enebra system a medical status is available to any person, regardless of his education and available titles, under the following conditions:

  1.      If he openly publishes his own method of treatment (thus, fixing his copyright) or makes reference to the technique, already described by another doctor or a scientist in the Enebra system, or finalizes the existing technique by becoming a co-author of its legal owner;
  2.      N or more participants in the system should confirm with their biometric data that they have been cured by this man;
  3.      Will indicate the time and place of reception of patients.

    This arrangement puts doctors of traditional and alternative medicine on equal terms

 From the moment of registration in the Enebra system, each participant receives his biometric health card, designated for him by the system, which is accessed by him and anyone, who has the status of a physician member of the system, located in the immediate vicinity of this person. For all other participants in the system it is not available.

 When you visit a doctor, the time and date of the visit are automatically reflected on the map or any data concerning opening the card by any doctor, as any fact of opening medical records saved forever in a new block created at the moment. The data, such as a diagnosis, prescribed medications and procedures conducted, the survey materials such as: an X-ray, ECG heart analysis and description, etc., recorded by doctors to carry out these surveys. This card also contains all the substances and medicinal products that cause allergic reactions or alienated by the body of the patient. All these data shall be certified by a doctor with his biometric data and permanently stored in the “blockchain” system.

 Under this system, wherever there is a man, upon the occurrence of an emergency, when time is a critical factor, any doctor, who is in close proximity, can get instant access to a person's medical history, even if he is currently unconscious or in a state of shock. And if a participant of the system has been registered by an obstetrician and his parents at the time of birth, this medical card will contain all medical information from the moment of his birth.

 At its core, the Enebra system is an extensive database, copies of which are available on all computers in the decentralized network. This database allows you to get accurate statistics on the number of cases of diseases, specific diseases, the effectiveness of a treatment method for this disease; it is also the doctor rating, the number of his successful and unsuccessful treatment outcomes. After all, if after treatment the patient in the future will not address the other doctors with the same diagnosis, it means it was cured not only the disease itself, but also eliminated the cause, leading to its excitation.

The open methods of treatment once and for all put a fat point on eugenics and sterilization projects.

 At the time, Henry Ford successfully applied the method of remuneration of employees, who were responsible for the operation of the conveyor to produce cars, so far the salary of these people was charged only for the time they spent in the rest room, as soon as they left the room charging stopped. Thus, the longer these people were in the rest room, the higher was their salary. If this principle was laid in the foundation of modern medicine and police, this way it would have been possible to eliminate diseases and crime.

 Remuneration system of a physician, an author of the technique or a co-author is no different from those that have been described previously. The greater percentage of the system participants, seeking benefit of this technique or work of a physician, the more resources system will redistribute to these specific people.

 The system provides confidentiality of the personal data and in case, when the doctor unnecessarily and without permission of the person will take advantage of medical data, he would be deprived of the status of a doctor.

 The system will not only save a huge number of human lives, caught in emergency situations, it enables a vast number of experts deal effectively with any disease, having the conclusive evidence of the versatile statistics. And also it will save a huge amount of natural resources, because in the scale of the whole Earth only one paper form used in the medical institutions causes a cut down of a forest every day, tons of fuel spent for its transportation and a tremendous amount of energy wasted on its processing. 


    I do not consider it a problem, it's a gift! Which we are endowed by nature, and instead of thinking how to reduce the world's population with the use of genetically modified corn and projects on eugenics and sterilization, wars and drugs, we need to think about how to develop new technology and other planets. Around us, there is a vast universe of enormous resources and the faster we find answers to questions, the more we shall find out great discoveries and the more opportunities will be open to us. We just need to combine our knowledge and efforts in this direction. If you give each person a free and limitless access to knowledge and technology, an ability to do what he likes - to travel the world, to participate in the interesting projects and develop fully, then, I am sure that in due course we will think how to stimulate people to reproduce their own kind, so as it is currently happening in the developed world.


     I do not want to go into those dismal facts perfectly disclosed in the above mentioned movie s, openly showing the goals and the state of our education system designed to make us an obedient and manageable herd, steadily moving in the tunnel, which was built by thousands of patterns and rules, without the right even to question their truth. 

 In the world there are thousands of advanced techniques that enable a person to develop and find his own unique path, where his talent and potential may be the most exposed. One of these methods is almost 100 years ago developed by the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner, which is the basis for the Waldorf schools that were established on the principle of no interference with children on their own potential. But these schools have not been able to occupy a leading position among the existing public and private education, because the management system does not need creative and advanced citizens, so that it is much easier to control the fogy and ignorant people. The very purpose of education in the modern system is limited to the study of what can bring the coveted money not the joy of creativity. You consider the fact that the most popular careers in today's world have become - jurisprudence, which allows make money on the problems and sufferings of the people, and - economics, which allows create money out of thin air. It's a shame to know that decades of active and valuable life, devoted to getting knowledge in the public or private institutions, have not yielded even 5% of the knowledge that we daily use in the process of life, and bit by bit we’re collecting it from a variety of the hidden sources and real life experience.

 In the Enebra system all these advanced techniques will be acquired, as the system of values changes. All the latest technologies, techniques, scientific discoveries, data from all corners of the Earth and the Space will be open and free to access. We will only show our children the whole range of open opportunities and teach the technique of getting the information they need in the easiest way, and then, simply do not hinder their development, the aim of which is not a slave labor for the sake of money, but improving the quality of life and disclosing their own potential. 


    Currently, there are tens of thousands of charities, human rights and environmental organizations and foundations. These organizations stopped testing nuclear weapons, industrial shooting of whales, saved from being cut down thousands of hectares of woodland, owing to this daily struggle against governments and corporations, whose interests represent the government, on the planet we still have reserves, national parks, living remnants in the oceans, and a small number of areas with freedom of expression, which is still possible to include the Internet.

 These organizations bring together millions of people, who want to stop deforestation, extinction of animals, find effective treatments for diseases and stop the destruction of the ozone layer of the Earth. On the one hand, these people every day pay taxes in their own countries for the maintenance of the governments, on the other hand sacrifice their time and make donations to carry out environmental protection measures and protests against the activities of those same governments, for the support of which they pay taxes. This is, at least, unwise.

 In the Enebra system any person, instead of loss of time at the next meeting, can already take part in drafting of the Constitution of the planet Earth, for a resolution of the Government is unnecessary in this case, you just write and justify your norm and if most of the people support you, this rule will become an integral norm for the lives of all people on Earth.

 Let's say you can make a rule to prohibit killing of animals for the sake of entertainment, and if it is adopted by other people, such a thing as a hunt for fun or a bullfight will disappear, as in its time the gladiatorial contest has gone in the world. To monitor compliance with this standard in future, we can use the satellites spies, now working for the defense industry, which function at the highest resolution possible to consider a grain of sand on the Earth's surface. All the information from these satellites will be delivered in the Internet and anyone can at any time assess the state of the Earth and the processes on it, without using the TV or the newspaper article, but with the help of the visual and software analysis of the source. In my opinion, this method is much more effective than the currently existing, which eloquently revealed in the movie by Kip Andersen “Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret”. 

 Many people, who have achieved a high level of financial prosperity, spend their money to help, in their opinion, the needy and the poor. In most cases, a large part of the funds would be deposited in the pockets of structures and executors of these funds. Let me explain this with an actual example. Let’s suppose that a philanthropist holds a charity event, aimed at fighting AIDS disease. He sends money to the charity fund for the purchase and free distribution of contraception among the population of the country N. The Fund holds a tender among the companies, producing similar products. Usually, the winner of the tender is the company, which returns the management of his charity fund a part of money in the form of kickbacks. On the expense of the rest of money, the company produces low-quality contraceptives, as they are not targeted for sale, and sends them to the organizers of the campaign in the country N. In turn, the organizers of such actions invite members of the media that capture free distribution of contraceptives to the population, which is the proof for the philanthropist, who gave the money. In fact, they distribute no more than 10% of the contraceptives, and most of them being shared in the networks of pharmacies and sold for money. Similar actions occur at the transfer of second-hand, etc. In the Enebra system anyone can be engaged in charity, given clear and accurate information in regard with transfer of his funds and the biometric data of the people, who have received his funds at hands.

 Existing system hides from people all the discoveries and technologies created by donations. Thus enterprises own those and access to them is too expensive. "Enebra" system makes them completely open and available to any person freely.

 The Enebra application interface has a “paradise” button. When it is pressed, the funds of a person come in part to “Financing global projects” and people will work together to determine what are the most urgent priorities. By pressing this button a person manifests that he is absolutely secure, fully realized his potential and gives his resources to those, who have not yet implemented their projects, so that they could improve the quality of life for all people on our planet. And when most people use this button prosperity most probably will come to Earth. 

    By creating the new system, we can change the objectives and outlook of people, and with changing people's worldview, we can change the world in which we live; therefore, by changing the world, we change the Universe around us, because everything is interconnected in this world, so that it is quite possible that changes in a completely different galaxy and in life of the other civilization have led to the emergence of the Enebra project.