At the current page every registered user of Enebra project could answer to any existing question from his point of view or create own question and answer it if this question is frequently asked. This allows to save your time for personal communication.

By Sergiy Chernyshov
2019-01-08 16:02:22 10432
Translated from Russian View original

   This is primarily done to make every participant feel personally responsible for all the actions performed on the site. We need to get away from the syndrome of a crowd, which we inherited since childhood.

 Secondly, in the course of the work on this site each of the participants receives and earns the Enebra resource equivalents. When the production version of the Enebra application is released and people will be registered by their biometric data, all the resource equivalents accrued will switch to participants' biometric addresses. To confirm their identity and a direct relationship to their personal account on the web resource, the participants will use the documents used to register on the site and tethered to the biometric data read by the scanner. To ease the search, personal cabinets on the site provide QR codes, the photo of which together with the identification documents will represent

the participant.

 Thirdly, a person is regaining the status of a citizen of the Earth during the registration, and the citizen can not be anonymous.

 Fourth, to adopt the Constitution and the Laws developed and approved in the Enebra system in some countries, we need to clearly know the ratio of the total number of people in this country and the number of registered participants of the Enebra project, who have the right to vote in this country.

 And most importantly, it is to overcome the fear that lives within each of us - for we are not doing anything illegal, we just improve our lives and try to preserve our planet for future generations. Our personal data are already available to a small handful of people called authorities and they have successfully abuse this situation, although, they do not hide their faces, once again giving us beautiful but unfulfillable promises. 

By Rustem Ablaev
2019-01-08 20:04:29 11830
Translated from Russian View original

    The meaning of the word ENEBRA represent the energy of Co-creation. Each letter of this word and the word in general is the powerful energy and information potential. The first letter of the word "E" is the sound of intention and attraction, manifestation of trinity in the non-material and material worlds. The letter "N" is the sound and symbol of Love connecting Worlds, equality of male and

female origins, Yin and Yang.

 The second letter "E" is the sound and symbol of male potential, represent the energy of manifestation, action and fertilization. The letter "B" is the sound and symbol of female potential, represent saving and growth of energy, pregnancy. The base two letters "RA" mean LIGHT.

The word ENEBRA means giving Light and uniting Hearts.

By Sergiy Chernyshov
2019-01-08 20:07:21 2425
Translated from Russian View original

 Although, I no longer think of this to be a question but more of an excuse for the people who are either afraid or do not want to do anything. Nevertheless, I will try as much as possible to answer it.

 To fully answer this question, it is necessary to understand the structure and function of the governments, corporations and the dominant clans. If you look under the veil of these names, you will find there common people, visually no different from all the others.

 To begin with, it is the power of politicians and top officials. Each of these people has passed a thorny career road. At times, most of these people did the dirty work, sometimes compromising their principles, while getting rather an average salary, which in no way could be their main motivator. The main target was their desired career, which they paid dearly for. To participate in the party, they had to pay the party dues, wasted their family time on the public events, and collected compromising information concerning their competitors or superiors. And in the final dash to the peak of their career they had to pass a complicated lottery in the form of elections, which in the current system is not possible without money. If you count the cost of air time, newspaper articles, printed materials, billboards, mass events and fundraisers, you get the amount that only several lifetimes are enough to make. For this reason, a politician or an official is forced to look for support from big businesses, and if he/she is lucky enough to find a sponsor, there still remains the electoral process itself, which is hard to influence by legal means.

 If a person fails, it's a fall into debt slavery for the rest of one's life, and if wins, there is a necessity lobby the interests of sponsors. As a result, a considerable chunk of one's life and health is spent to achieve the coveted chair, sitting in which the human is called “the authority". But there is also a constant stress of paying back the sponsors on the one hand, and on the other continuously fending off pretenders willing to occupy the position and the necessity to get compensated for the funds, health and efforts invested while using the advantage of the official post. And even that's not the end of the story: as soon as the one starts abusing the position of power because legal means are never sufficient to cover the politician's debts, the bankers will immediately get the means of control, being able to immediately nullify or freeze the illegally acquired money in case of political or other disagreements.

 Try to imagine that after earning and accumulating wealth for the long time, taking and paying back loans to build a house, largely limiting own needs and wishes, and after the goal is achieved, someone opens the door wide and invites everyone to live in this house for free, only for the reason that not everyone has a house like this. I am more than sure that for most of people such a course of action is shocking and generally unacceptable. People build the houses for themselves and their families, not for some strangers.

 To cut it short, there is little difference between the person sitting in a chair of “power” and “authority” and anyone else. First of all this person, like most of the human beings, will take care of and create some comfort for the self family, secondly will pay those, who helped to gain the coveted seat, and thirdly get the environment of more or less trusted accomplices in order to save the achieved position as long as possible. There will be simply no time to fulfill the promises to the electorate, who, after being fed the information paid for by then-candidate, have sacrificed an hour of their time to put a dash next to the name in the electoral bulletin and believe for no apparent reason that the elected one owes them something.

 But in reality such an official will have much better opportunity to realize the personal potential in the Enebra system than in any other, since all possible levers of pressure disappear and the one can really go for creating the legislation aimed at improving the quality of life and giving moral satisfaction and lifetime fee.

 I am not an idealist, and I understand that not all senior officials simply agree to lose their positions to which they devoted a significant part of their lives, but their relationship with the rest of the world's population is negligible and their hopes for the law enforcement agencies are useless, as the army and police are composed of the ordinary people, who would live in a much more favorable Enebra system than become pariahs for their people while following the officials' orders and obeying

them in the hope for improved wages or some negligible benefits.

 Now let’s have a closer look at such entities as corporations. The main goal of any corporation is to obtain the maximum profit. The enemy of any corporation is a competition that forces to reduce production costs in the struggle for resources and the market. For this reason the corporations appear as small businesses trying to compete successfully merge or are absorbed by the larger companies. The victory in the competition is a monopoly, that's why corporations so generously fund the promotion of their officials to the higher state administration.

 Monopoly achieves maximum profit, because it can set any price and degrade the quality of products without fear of losing the market and does not need to waste a lot of money on advertising, moreover, it can completely automate the enterprise, increasing revenue through layoffs.

 In the beginning of the technological revolution the competition has played a very positive role and became a strong catalyst for the scientific and technological progress, but in the modern world, being merged with the politics, it has exhausted its positive potential and became a progress-stopper in both technical and social spheres, uselessly devouring the very limited resources of our planet. The beneficiaries of the corporations as well as of the administration are the ordinary people looking for resources for themselves and their families. The shareholders of the top corporations profit at the expense of those, who daily develop, manufacture and market production. Every employee of a corporation does not receive more than 10% of the personally earned money, 15% are earned by the shareholders, the rest is eaten by taxes, enterprise development, advertising and overproduction.

 As in the previous example with politicians the ratio of shareholders to employees is negligible. In the Enebra system the people will be engaged in the development or production and will receive 100% of the benefits they earned. This will lead to a natural end of corporations as the scientists, engineers and workers find it much more profitable to work individually rather than for the benefit of the company owners. The shareholders might be trying to stop this process with the help of the authorities, though, as I have described above, it is a dead-end course.

 Now, let’s consider the privileged classes. They are comprised, oddly enough, of exactly the same human beings. By some estimates, they can fit into one Boeing. Their main superiority and control lever is a printing press, which gives birth to the blood of the modern economy - money. At their disposal there is a large amount of land and the natural resources. Though it is useless without those who actually produce real goods; the land is useless if no one cultivates it; the palaces, belonging to them, now only exist because thousands of people serve them every day. Imagine the Queen of England with a mop in her hands and 775 rooms of the Buckingham Palace, which is only a small part of her residences.

 Furthermore, none of even the richest people on the Earth can guarantee themselves, their families and children safety - their life might be ceased if someone presses a nuclear button for some reason, or simply there happens an absurd technical or software failure.

 In the Enebra project we have the opportunity to permanently remove the danger of use of any weapons of mass destruction; people are given a generator of the exchange units (resource equivalents) which is much more honest and predictable then current printing press, bearing no interest. As a result, the elite will have to exchange it's resources for necessary goods and services without any violence. All that is not related to the natural resources has no inherent value, as the constructions, capital and goods tend to become outdated and require constant maintenance and updates. In reality, people with the large capital will live much easier in the Enebra system, which eliminates the need to protect their capital and captured position so that the quality of life will be many times greater in comparison to what they could achieve in the current system.

 Based on the above, I would like to conclude that in the moment of transition from one system to another there may be minor confrontations, but only so long as the old system will be maintained. The main obstacle would be people themselves, those who a nurtured with a fear of taking responsibility for their own lives. As a result, a new system cannot be stopped, for it is more efficient and progressive; it's just an evolutionary process of replacing the obsolete with the new.

By Sergiy Chernyshov
2019-01-08 20:08:51 4535
Translated from Russian View original

 The basic concept of the Enebra project was written by me before getting acquainted with the Venus project, so it basically reflects only my personal conclusions, but I will try prove my position.

 Jacque Fresco lives and works in the capitalist system and endured the period of "great depression", when people have may products, but had no money. I clearly remember the socialist system and the days, when people had enough money, but there was no possibility to buy anything. To purchase a pair of boots or a refrigerator they were waiting in queues to buy it for coupons, for even if they had money, they could not buy a TV or a car without this money surrogate. The second point unknown to the people of the capitalist system is expressed in the proverb of the socialist period - "all around is collective property, all around belongs to no one". The metallurgical plants of Zaporozhye dumping

tons of industrial waste and low quality products for years are enough to prove it, as people have not been responsible for natural resources.

  Therefore I created a resource equivalent and its main task is to let each person feel own responsibility for the planet, for the other people and future generations, as the natural resources that are entrusted to a human being by the right of birth.

 Another argument for the creation of the resource equivalent is the current existence of the deficit. My plan of action has a point - "Creation and implementation of the projects aimed at the eradication of the phenomenon of the deficit, stabilization and lowering inflation of Enebra”, and as soon as we are able to eradicate the phenomenon of shortage, the need for the resource equivalent will disappear by itself, although, in the existing reality there is a clear demand for it. 

By Sergiy Chernyshov
2019-01-08 20:12:22 6745
Translated from Russian View original

 I often hear this question.

 I feel sorry for the people asking it, because they were not fortunate enough to find a work that suites them well, they are stuck on a level of survival that is constantly forcing them to accomplish the work and orders of the authorities whom they do hate, to cope with some occupation which provides no moral or physical satisfaction in order not to die of hunger or to prove something to someone, while spending the most valuable – the time of their lives. They have never experienced the amazing moments of creation and realization of their ideas, when in the heat of operation you forget about sleep and food, when your brain sweeps millions of thoughts in trying to find the simplest and most correct solution to achieve the embodiment of the cherished ideas and when finally you have reached it so that neither any money nor anything can compare to the force and amount of positive emotions that hit you,

 and if you receive

the gratitude of the people, enjoying the improvement of their lives through the implementation of your ideas, your feelings and emotions become hundred times stronger.

 I am confident that the implementation of the Enebra project will provide an opportunity for self-actualization to every person and does lead to a real increase in labor efficiency and improve self-esteem in comparison to the existing system. To get the proof for the above, visit the web resource GitHub, where thousands of people daily offer completely free software, or look at Jacques Fresco, who celebrates his 100th anniversary this year, and I am more than sure that he stays on this Earth not because of passion for making money, but because of the desire to implement the Venus project, the work of his life. The absence of a monetary system and the shortages will not hamper the progress of mankind, but rather will become a strong catalyst in the embodiment of the most ambitious ideas.