By Sergiy Chernyshov
Translated from Russian View original
  •     To provide a minimum living wage to every person from birth until death;

  •    To remove dependence of people on the currently existing financial system, which, in turn, would make impossible the processes of inflation, unaccounted money issue, any financial crises. The system should completely exclude the physical loss of the money by a person;

  •    To enable every person on the Earth participate in the legislative process, both at the level of the state and on a global scale;

  •    To detach thousands of scientists working today on the destructive projects (exploration, defense industry, etc.) and motivate all this potential to improve the quality of life on the Earth; 

  •    100% protection of the intellectual property;

  •    To make pointless a pursuit of scientific and research projects, preventing monopolization and retention of power by the large corporations and overriding clans;

  •    To shift to a new level of justice, completely removing opportunities for corruption, human error and the pressure from the outside;

  •    To completely eliminate the negative aspects of the technological progress. As with improvement of technology more and more people on our planet are becoming unemployed;

  •    To provide an immediate access of any doctor to the complete history of a patient, even if the patient is unconscious;

  •    To radically change the methods and approaches in education. Give access and equal opportunity for any groups of the population to use modern technology and innovative teaching methods;

  •    To encourage and motivate creation and development of the independent media systems, revealing in real time the sources of misinformation of the population;

  •    To make today's cyber criminals be allies and motivate them to work for the quality improvement of information security; 

  •    To make useless thefts of the financial and material resources to prevent in such a way any corruption, and herein, to dramatically reduce the crime rate in the world;

  •    To modify the existing human outlook as the one imposed by the reality and enable anyone to manage his own reality;

  •    To make absolutely unnecessary strikes, protests, demonstrations and revolutions, so that, in fact, it is the loss of the most expensive thing for a human being - his time;

  •    To give an unrestricted access to any information that is carefully hidden by the ruling clans (the UFO phenomenon, the development in the field of free energy, etc.);

  •    To solve the problem of shortage of drinking water, even in the areas, where land has no open source;

  •    To stop a process of genetically modified food production and accelerate a transition to healthy organic food;

  •    To stop the bloodshed and military conflicts, enable co- abolish the production of any weapon on the planet;

  •    To promote the quality of shipping traffic growth, while reducing the number of traffic accidents;

  •    To make it impossible to have monopoly on the natural resources and minerals;

  •    To remove the racial, religious, national and social superiority, which is the basis of present day confrontation of the entire nations by means of the political technologies;

  •    To make it impossible to change the historical facts and the history itself. The ruling structures use this process now for confrontation of the entire nations;

  •    To allow people getting accurate statistics on the effectiveness of treatment methods of various diseases of both traditional and alternative medicine;

  •    To reduce the cost and raise the quality of health services, to enable any stratum of population have complete medical treatment;

  •    To completely remove the bureaucratic structure that takes away a lot of time and money from almost every inhabitant of the Earth;

  •    Due to the existing technologies allow carrying out any commercial intellectual transactions between complete strangers, regardless of their location, while not requiring the trust and personal meetings between the parties of a transaction. As a consequence, many times to reduce the cost of goods and services for the consumers; 

  •    To give people a new tool of decision-making (vote) based on the accurate calculations of tests and the hierarchy of evaluation criteria rather than on intuition, emotional state, authority or influence of propaganda, as well as ethnic, racial, religious or social affiliation;

  •    To stop the destructive competition, which destroys to an unlimited number the natural and human resources of our planet;

  •    Stop the projects on eugenics and sterilization;

  •    To forever stop overproduction and make the planned obsolescence useless, which is wasting unproductively our natural resources and polluting our planet;

  •    To stop the barbaric destruction of flora and fauna in the world ...

        This is not a complete list of the benefits that will be provided by this project. It is limited only by imagination and the intellect of a human being. All mentioned above, initially, seems more like a dream rather than a desired potential reality. Nevertheless, our project has collected parts of all the existing systems and technologies united in a single way, which progressed from being projects to actually operating systems that are fully applied worldwide today.