By Sergiy Chernyshov
Translated from Russian View original
  •     First of all, carefully and slowly explore the project without disregarding - view the videos, even if you have already seen them once in the light of this project, so that you will be able to see them from a completely different angle, do not get hung up and do not put them aside, in case you do not agree with any item, thus, they do contain many contradictions and errors, though, try to consider only useful information;

  •     Try to understand the technology, on which the project is based. Read the answers to frequently asked questions and learn the plan of action. To conclude how correctly you understand it, open the page to view the objectives, which the Enebra project aims to address and try to find an answer for each item. Perhaps, in the course of these answers you will find a more efficient way to achieve a particular purpose, and thereby, be able to improve and add your personal contribution to the project;

  •     Discuss the project with your family or friends. Analyze your experience and the knowledge base collected during the lifetime. Do not try to provide answers to the questions that you do not understand, focus on completely clear and simple issues, for what is simple and understandable for you that can be a difficult and impossible task for the other people;

  •     The project will be developed as quickly as possible if each of us shares it with all other people, suggesting not questions or criticism, but concrete propositions and solutions based on the knowledge and life experience of each of us!!!

  •     Feel free to create new industries, sub-sectors and affiliations, if you do not find them on the site, to write your own methods of solving various problems, in case you may think it clear to everyone, but no man on the planet does have the same knowledge and experience. You may notice the fact that no one can vote against anything on the site; you can support someone else's point of view, supplement it, or write your own and prove it better than the existing one. This is done to work together more effectively;

  •     From birth we are imposed by the idea of patriotism, which indicates that our country is the best; try to leave these ideas behind and consider that the entire Earth is our common home and you are the president, the judge and the citizen with full rights, and you bear a responsibility of making decisions in concern with living people, your children and future generations. After hundreds and thousands of years, your descendants from the blockchain will be able to view and assess every word you wrote, decision you made;

  •     The most difficult thing is the ability to not only concisely and concretely propose a plan of action, but also the ability to listen, analyze and make the proposed solutions of other project participants. We have to learn the skill to agree and to respect each other, because the project is intended to bring together all the people on the planet - this is a very difficult task, which our government is not able to solve due to the selfish lust for power, and if you get it, any dream come true;

  •     Get rid of the imposed world stereotypes of good and bad countries, learn to put apart governments and the ordinary people - citizens of this country; the ordinary people in any country are the same as you, - they do not start wars, do not create economic crises or make a dump site out of their home country; they do not exploit natural resources and consequently stay under the influence of the imposed propaganda and forced to choose their government from the meager list, made up by the same government or the owners of the major corporations, so that like you, all they want is peace, happiness and prosperity for their children. Accept equality of any person, notwithstanding his sex, age, race, color, religion, social status and level of education. In this project, there are no leaders, I am only the author, who showed the possibility of the vector, by which humanity can go, and it is our common task to build this system;

  •     The site does not need to describe your academic titles in order to suppress the opinions of others by your authority; earn your credibility by joint or personal development, with the basic indicators of your credibility is your ranking and the number of people, using your innovation;

  •     Try to describe your suggestions in a simple, concise and specific way, avoid the words that do not carry semantic values - respect the time of other participants of the project, check your text for grammatical and syntactical errors, and do not use transliteration – there is an online opportunity of the automatic translation for the project participants so that they can fully understand your suggestions and thoughts on the language understandable to them;

    Some practical recommendations regarding the use of your knowledge and experience in the Enebra project

  •     If you have a practical knowledge of a foreign language – you can help to translate the site into the language known by you; for this you can use a special pattern, and if the site has been already translated into this language, help to improve the quality of the translation. It is very important for people to understand the essence and content of the project as precisely as possible;

  •     If you have diplomatic experience, help others learn how to find a compromise and negotiate, engage them in a constructive collaboration;

  •     If you have the experience of organization, so help to organize the effective work between the project participants;

  •     If you have the legal experience, help to get around sharp corners and contradictions between the project regulations and the applicable laws of your country. The goal of the project is not in the overthrow of the existing system, thus, the main objective is the parallel construction of a new and more effective system. And if this system will really be effective, then, people will determine what system they give their preferences to and what system they would like to live in. Help choose the best standards of the Constitution and the law code of your country and those of the international legislation to complement and improve the legislation produced by the Enebra project;

  •     If you have experience and knowledge in medicine - take part in the development of a medical card, which will be the most comfortable for a patient that allows giving the most accurate and correct information you need for the emergency medical care of a person in danger, as well as for the analytical and research information;

  •     If you have the knowledge and experience of an economist or financier - help to create a system for calculating the most equitable participation and distribution of benefits among the project participants;

  •     If you have experience in the IT technologies, in development of smart contracts, development of the blockchain system and crypto currency, or you are a web developer or do penetration testing, mastered the programming language and worked in developing of the applications or programs - help improve and make more secure the site code, revealed on GitHub. Take part in the development of the concept, specification requirements, the Enebra system prototype and help to bring this development to full implementation in our daily lives

  •     If you have experience in development of the biometric algorithms, libraries and related devices - take part in development and adoption of the standards for their removal, storage and use of the most effective implementation of these algorithms;

  •     If you have experience in cultivation and production of the food products - take part in development and refinement of the techniques and the most effective methods of cultivation and production of the organic food and improve the development of aeroponics and hydroponics for the arid regions and areas of permafrost;

  •     If you are a scientist - apply your knowledge to improve the quality of life and to clean our planet from the garbage, creating a waste production, water purification systems, transition to the alternative energy sources that will help conserve the planet's resources, etc.;

  •     If you are a philologist, blogger, journalist or representative of the mass media - help simply and correctly convey the essence of the project up to each individual;

  •     If you concern with the protection of the environment, animal protection and biodiversity - take part in the drafting the legislation and innovations that allow implementing your ideas;

  •     If you are a person of culture - participate in creating scripts and making movies that would bring to the people the principles and objectives of the project, because the majority of people in our time have moved from the category of readers to the category of viewers;

  •     If you are an architect or a builder - help improve and complement the ideas of Jacques Fresco on the construction of the ecological cities;

  •     If you are a busy entrepreneur and short of time to participate in the project, but you find it progressive and necessary - support the project financially by investing a part of your funds in a completely transparent international Enebra project, thus, enabling the most effective activists of the project to give more of their time to it without prejudice for their families;

  •     You can also provide a server for storing a mirror site, and thereby, improve the quality of information protection, reduce the load on the running server, and participate in distribution of the resources from the share of “Maintaining System Health”

    In this system everyone is able to find his place, to reach his potential and realize his ideas. Nothing is impossible, - there are only situations with temporarily unfound solutions. Every journey begins with the first step, and if you have read this far, then, you have already done it.